Union goals

Arab Federation of Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Settlement

||| Union | General Targets

Arab Union
  • The establishment and establishment of the Arab Court of Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Settlement for adjudication and judicial decision in commercial arbitration cases and dispute settlement between all parties in the Arab world and international, emanating from the Arab Federation of Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Settlement, is one of its sectors, complementary, complementary and part of it.

  • Establishing the rules governing arbitration in all its forms and types and resolving disputes to achieve integration, economic growth and the desired joint Arab action.

  • Concluding contracts and agreements of bilateral partnership, bilateral cooperation, exchange of experiences, consultations and training with all countries, governments, Arab and foreign bodies and organizations and associations related to the field of the Union and its objectives, activities and activities to achieve all the objectives of the Union and all sectors and centers.

  • Spreading the culture of arbitration of all kinds and raising awareness of its importance and rules and developing and coordinating the fields of arbitration, mediation, settlement and dispute resolution with all parties alike.

  • Providing technical services, studies, research, training, scientific and practical consultations in all areas of arbitration, mediation, dispute resolution and other dispute resolution.

  • Adoption of the lists of arbitrators and experts and the issuance and documentation of professional certificates adopted in accordance with international standards, To qualify and prepare a generation of arbitrators through the establishment and establishment of the Arab Academy of Arbitration to implement specialized education and training programs of high quality.

  • Design and deliver training programs in all areas related to the objectives, activities and activities of the Federation, sectors and centers.

  • Contributing to judicial arbitration, mediation, resolution and resolution of disputes in the field of trade, sports arbitration, electronic arbitration, information security, dissemination of a culture of commerce and electronic arbitration, awareness of its importance and means of securing it, awareness of information security and means of protection in trade and electronic arbitration for the prevention of cybercrime.

  • Receiving reports of financial and administrative corruption offences from all sides, examining them and ascertaining their facts and documents; And take what is necessary in it and refer it to the competent state agencies.

  • Raising awareness of all forms of corruption crimes and means of preventing and combating corruption and training leaders and staff in official institutions to combat it, Issuing and publishing periodic reports on it.

  • Support ing and contributing the Union in all its centers and sectors in sustainable development programs and upgrading joint Arab work and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and all programs of the Arab League.

||| Sectors | General Targets

Affiliated with the Arab Union
  • Providing the latest information and statistics of the Arab and international legal, technical, economic and commercial information and statistics related to the objectives of the Union, its sectors, centers and purposes and its purposes to all.

  • To help provide all the needs of local and international institutions of legal, technical, administrative and other resources.

  • Providing all kinds of legal, technical and commercial support, concluding commercial contracts and bilateral cooperation contracts with all countries, governments, bodies, local, regional and international organizations, ministries, companies, institutions, central banks, regional and international banks.

  • Develop and evaluate working methods to achieve the best settlements and solutions with the aim of achieving the best economic, commercial and investment returns, especially in relation to arab and international investment disputes.

  • Following advanced modern technologies through cooperation with specialized Arab and foreign experience centers and work on the use of this technology in accordance with the nature and reality of the activities of the Union.

  • Conducting research and preparing legal and economic studies for planned projects, Provide guidance, advice and training to achieve the best goals and objectives.

  • Work on implementing new investment projects or existing projects in line with the needs in the Arab world.

  • Solving legal, technical and commercial problems between union members and others, Work to find appropriate solutions and settlements for any disputes arising in relation to Arab or other investments.

  • Issuing bulletins, magazines, courses and reports relating to all areas, sectors and centres of the Federation, In order to achieve its goals, To spread the culture of arbitration and raise awareness of its importance.

  • Holding and participating in local and international seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to the activities of the Federation, its sectors and centres, In order to achieve the objectives, sectors and centers of the Union.

  • The Federation gives priority in providing aid, support and assistance provided in the previous article to all members of the Union from Arab and foreign countries and all institutions, bodies and organizations.

  • The Arab Federation of Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution is an independent Arab international body operating under the umbrella of the Arab League – it has no objectives, associations or political, religious, sectarian or ethnic activities and serves all arab, regional and international organizations and serves all arab, regional and international organizations.